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Local Boy Asks For Donations to HARP Instead Of Birthday Presents

Local boy Felix Kieffer-Wells decided that for his birthday this year he would like to help make a difference by asking his family and friends to give donations to HARP instead of giving him presents.

We would like to say a big thank you to Felix, who turns eight today (Tuesday 26th March), for helping them to support some of Southend’s most vulnerable people. Felix has raised over £250 so far towards his goal of £500.

Felix said: "I want to help people who are homeless because I know I am really lucky, and other people don't have as much. I think everyone should have a home so they can live happily."

Katrina, Felix’s mum, said: “Felix’s name means 'lucky' and despite his tender years he understands how fortunate he is to have a loving family, friends, stability, security, comfort and shelter. He can imagine what it must be like to be without somewhere to call home and will always stop to talk to any homeless person he sees.”

Felix even asked friends coming to his birthday party over the weekend to bring donations for HARP instead of presents.

Lisa Walton, HARP’s Community Fundraiser said “Felix’s kindness and generosity is mind-blowing. The money he’s raised will go a long way to helping us support homeless people in Southend as we work to prevent people at risk of homelessness from losing their homes, as well as helping rough sleepers get off the streets – and stay off the streets. It just goes to show that you can make a difference at any age. Everyone at HARP is so grateful to Felix and we all wish him a very happy birthday!”


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