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Meet Niamh

Meet Niamh, a Housing Support Worker at HARP’s Heath House.

In 2020, when Niamh was 19, she faced homelessness after difficulties at home forced her to leave. “I found myself sleeping on friends' sofas, but their goodwill was running out when thankfully I was referred to HARP. They let me have a room in their White Heather House service, and I was allocated a support worker to help me.

It wasn’t all plain sailing. I was acting out, which was why I had left home in the first place. For a few months, I was on a slippery slope downhill, but thankfully my lovely support worker Harriet got through to me.”

Three years on, Niamh is helping others who were in the same situation as her four years ago. She is really enjoying her role and wants to progress further within the charity in the longer term.

“I honestly don’t know where I’d be without HARP’s help. It is the people that make all the difference, and I’m proud that now I’m one of those people. It is a privilege to do this job and be able to help people overcome challenges to move on with their lives!”


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