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Recovery through arts - read Andreea's story

Look at these amazing photographs below. These are the work of Andreea aged (26) who came to live at HARP’s White Heather service at the end of 2022. She was referred to the service by the NHS Mental health team after a period in hospital following a mental health crisis. She has subsequently been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder and other conditions.

Before this crisis and Andreea came to HARP she’d been studying photography at London Metropolitan University but as her mental health condition deteriorated Andrea had to drop out.

Andreea loves getting involved in HARP’s meaningful activities programme, particularly the arts and social side. She has also received Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and lots of hands-on support from her key worker Donna.

Andreea says “I have benefited so much during my time at HARP. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful and they really care. They make me feel safe and have helped me to build my confidence and overcome challenges. I’m now helping to organise arts groups for other people in the service and I’ve pulled together a welcome pack for new people coming to live here.”

Donna, Andreea’s key worker says “I’ve seen massive progress from Andreea since she came to stay with her and her confidence is continuing to grow. I’ve grown to know her well and customised the way I support her and advocated for her to get the best support she can from local mental health services. The service is decorated with photos she has taken and she makes my day regularly by making me a card or some sort of artwork. It is a pleasure to support her”.

Andreea is hoping to get back into her photography career in the future as well as to move-on a more independent placement in the near future.

“I’m really grateful to everyone at HARP, the environment has been so supportive to me, I’m now able to open up and talk more about my problems rather than them build up and I end up in crisis again.”


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