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On average, HARP helps over 1,000 people who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness every year. The HARP pathway is different for everyone and is tailored to each person’s needs.

Everyone that walks through the doors at HARP can talk through the issues they’re facing in their own time.  The Bradbury Day Centre is a warm and safe place in Southend where trained staff are on hand to provide support and link people to the right services.

Some people’s problems will be solved quickly, whilst others will continue on the HARP pathway through our supported housing. Everyone's pathway is different, but most follow these 3 key steps...

Step 1 - Early support & planning


We work with each person to create an action plan to help them with all areas of their life, including finances, mental and physical health, and drug and alcohol treatment; giving them the best possible platform to move on and stay in accommodation. 

Step 2 - Life skills


As people’s health improves their outlook changes  and they are encouraged to take part in activities to build self-esteem and confidence . All the while our team are on hand 24/7 to provide support whenever it is needed.

Step 3 - Preparing for moving on from HARP

Once a person is feeling healthy and their confidence is back, they might be starting to think about moving on. Our team are on hand to give advice and support as they take these final steps towards living on their own.

From here, many people manage to make a go of it, but for those who find themselves homeless again, our door is always open.


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