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In 2022/23, 26% of our clients were women. At HARP, we believe it is essential to tailor our services to the needs of the people who use them, and this approach leads to fantastic results.


Studies show that, over time, homelessness services have catered better for men than women, because the majority of people who access the services are men. 


That’s why we opened White Heather House, our single-gender emergency accommodation, where last year, the positive move on rate was 27%, compared to 20% across our wider mixed-gender emergency and supported accommodation.

At HARP, we offer women access to:

  • Women-only accommodation

  • Women-only peer support groups

  • Budgeting courses

  • Academic courses

  • Vocational courses

  • Employment training

  • Confidence boosting activities

  • Benefits advice

  • Counselling sessions

  • Group support


HARP Property development manager

"We want to create an environment enabling women to regain confidence and skills, empowering them to take charge of their lives and overcome homelessness for good"

“Because the majority of known homeless people are men, in most services there has been an unconscious movement to caring more towards men. But now, with White Heather House, we are doing the conscious thing and catering to women.”


Vicky - for sleepout website.jpg
Marie 1 for web.jpg

After escaping abusive relationships and overcoming alcohol addiction, Vicky came to HARP and has been staying at our single gender hostel, White Heather House. She’s now ready to move into her own home.

Lindsey came to HARP following a rollercoaster journey that started with a violent sexual assault which triggered severe mental illness. Like many who end up on the streets, Lindsey’s journey is a complex one.

Having now moved out of HARP accommodation and into her own flat, Marie has an important message for others who are struggling with homelessness and additional complex needs: "Don't give up!"

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