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HARP provides much more than accommodation, we provide the support that people need to move on and access services they might not be able to without our help.

In this 'HARP, more than just housing' series we’ll share stories about people who work with HARP and what they do to help.

Meet Vicky!

This is a picture of Vicky the new nurse. She is sitting at a desk working at a laptop. She has a stethoscope around her neck with a blood pressure monitor close by.
Vicky running a clinic at The Bradbury Centre

Vicky joined the homeless NHS healthcare project two months ago. She’d previously worked as a paramedic for 13 years before taking on this role.

Vicky is based in HARP’s Bradbury Day Centre and provides first-line medical support to people sleeping rough who visit the centre.

“My role involves working across homelessness services in the Borough. I work mainly at HARP but I also drop into other local services and occasionally do home visits for people in supported housing who have previously been rough sleeping.

Essentially my role is to help reach patients who don’t access medical help through traditional routes and who are often too frightened to visit a GP.

Many people I see come in with injuries in line with the poor hygiene and conditions associated with rough sleeping - so infected wounds, poor chronic disease management or skin conditions.”

The overall objective of this role and HARP’s links with the NHS (both physical and mental health) are to help people gain access to help services but in doing so improve their own health and ultimately reduce emergency and general admissions to hospital.

“Many of the people I see have had bad experiences in the past. I act without judgement and I am able to build relationships with people so that they trust me. It might involve accompanying them to a hospital appointment occasionally.

The most fulfilling thing about my role is seeing people’s health improve and helping them develop the confidence they need to address health problems.

I love working alongside the support workers at HARP. Before I came here, I had no idea about the breadth of work they do. They provide such great support. It is so much more than housing. It is a complete package of activities that help people get back on their feet.”

If you want to find out more or you would like to work in partnership with HARP to support our community please contact

Look out for the next in our 'HARP, more than just housing' series.


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