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I AM VIRYA Taster Session @ The Bradbury Day Centre

At HARP, we believe that providing training opportunities and meaningful activities to our clients is an important part of helping on the journey away from homelessness.

On Thursday 16th September, HARP clients had the opportunity to attend a taster session at our Bradbury Day Centre with I AM VIRYA, a food pop-up and takeaway social enterprise that serves authentic vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine.

I AM VIRYA’s aim is to help change the lives of homeless and formerly homeless people through the business.

At Thursday’s event, I AM VIRYA launched a program to allow HARP clients to join the business as trainees. From there, they will gain the relevant food safety and hygiene qualifications needed to start a career in the food industry. During this 6 month programme, our clients will begin as Sous Chefs and Kitchen Assistants, to learn how to cook the recipes and serve at events. They will then develop their skills and potentially be hired as a permanent employee at I AM VIRYA.

Shalini Sehgal, owner and founder of I AM VIRYA said:

“This is a massive milestone for us, we’ve already had great success at our events to help create awareness around homelessness, but this program will help break the cycle and take our mission one step further to its goal. We are so happy to have partnered with HARP, giving their residents this amazing opportunity to move forward with their lives… and to learn all about our Indian spices. Thanking everyone who was involved in making this happen!”

Activities like this help our service users build strong social and communication skills, boost confidence and self-esteem, which in turn, help people take vital steps towards overcoming homelessness for good!

Following the success of the taster event, follow up sessions are planned, and three HARP clients are set to join the scheme.

For more information about the work HARP does, click the link >>>


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