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Remember a Charity Week

The 10th - 16th September is 'Remember A Charity in your Will Week' and we are asking our supporters to consider leaving a gift to them when writing a will.

Marian, one of HARP's regular supporters, has done just that, so her legacy will go on to help some of the most vulnerable people in Southend. Marian said "after looking after my family, I'm pleased to be able to leave something modest to such an impressive charity."

She continued “I’m unafraid of what the future holds because I know my gift will help HARP take care of local homeless people when I’m no longer around.”

HARP support around 1,000 people each and every year and provide long-term solutions to help local people overcome homelessness for good. As well as providing food and shelter, we also provide a comprehensive array of emotional and practical support that helps to improve the chances of sustaining accommodation in the long term, as well as improving employability, self-development, and life skills to improve the likelihood of a full and positive life after homelessness.

Dina Jobson, HARP’s Fundraising Manager said “it is well known that there has been drastic cuts to public spending and austerity measures are putting a strain on all services, especially for charities like HARP. We work hard to fundraise so that we can grow our services to meet the overwhelming need here in Southend, but legacies like Marian’s will safeguard the future of HARP and ensure that even if we face hard times ahead, we will have help from our amazing supporters long after they have passed away.”

If you would like to discuss leaving a lasting legacy to HARP, contact Dina on 01702 615000 or click here.

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