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Starbucks in Southend show their support for HARP

HARP24 runner, Siobhan, was so inspired after the 24-hour running relay hosted by HARP last month that she is on a mission to help fundraise long after the event has passed. Coffee loving Siobhan spends a lot of time at the new Starbucks Drive-Thru in Southend and told the team there of her passion for helping local homeless people. Siobhan has had a hard few years herself after falling unemployed and living with friends while she found her feet. She said “I moved away to stay with a friend three hundred miles away. I felt broken and life had no purpose or meaning, it was just an existence. I woke up one morning to the realisation I was homeless”. Life is now looking up for Siobhan so she wants to reach out and help people who are trying to overcome homelessness, and is thrilled that Starbucks have agreed to help in her mission by hosting collection tins in the branch. To support HARP why not pop some loose change in our collection pots next time you visit the Starbucks Drive-Thru in Southend?

If you would like to raise money for HARP, check out our fundraising A-Z guide here.

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