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Thorpe Bay LTC name HARP as their ‘Charity of the Year’

Thorpe Bay Lawn Tennis Club in Southend-on-Sea have named HARP as their ‘Charity of the Year’, and they recently kicked off their fundraising with a quiz night held at their clubhouse on Thorpe Bay Gardens.

The 800 member-strong club invited Lisa Walton and Lisa Swallow from HARP to host a special ‘HARP question round’ at their quiz night. Lisa Walton, Community Fundraiser said “we are so pleased to be the club’s ‘Charity of the Year’ and look forward to hearing all about their fundraising efforts.”

She continued “it was a pleasure to be invited to their quiz night and great fun incorporating our talk into the quiz. People are always so surprised at the work we do at HARP, it was a really interactive way to discuss what we do and a great opportunity for people to learn more about homelessness and the complexities surrounding it.”

The Quiz raised an amazing £350 that will go towards the club’s annual efforts, Paul Marks, Club Captain, said “every year Thorpe Bay LTC nominates a charity for whom we look to raise money and we try very hard to make sure that the charity chosen works in the local area. When deciding on our charity for 2018 we spent time with a number of fabulous groups, but the one that stood out was HARP. They do so much for our local community and we are delighted to be supporting them this year.”

If you would like to hold a fundraising event to help HARP End Rough Sleeping, contact Lisa Walton on 01702 615000 or take a look at our fundrasing page here.

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