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New garden benches will provide tranquil space away from the streets for those overcoming homelessne

Southend’s Homeless Charity, HARP, have been gifted three new benches for their garden at White Heather House, their newest hostel. While most people donate food, clothes and other items, Serving the Homeless - a group formed from several churches in Leigh-on-Sea - have donated the benches that will help to create a tranquil space for residents to relax, aiding recovery.

Having access to safe, beautiful gardens offers people a chance to engage with nature, practice mindfulness, and take time to relax. Simply getting a bit of fresh air can be life-changing after a stressful period of homelessness and thanks to the donation by Serving the Homeless, those staying with HARP now have a beautiful outdoor space away from the streets.

Gill Garwood, HARP Chief Executive said “homelessness can be a traumatic experience and having the time and space to recover is essential. These benches will provide hours of relaxation and reflection which can improve mental health and help individuals fully recover from their time on the streets. We cannot thank Serving the Homeless enough for their generosity. The value of their donation is immeasurable and the benches will continue helping local people overcome homelessness for many years to come.”

Serving the Homeless holds fundraising events approximately every two months and the money raised goes on to support a variety of homeless projects in the town. As well as their latest donation of garden furniture they also regularly donate fresh meat, milk and cheese to HARP to provide meals, amongst many other generous donations.

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