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Can homeless people register to vote?

Can someone vote in the General Election on the 8 of June if they are homeless or don't have a permanent address? The answer is yes. We want to encourage homeless people to register to vote and let them know their voice matters - A LOT.

Even if you don't have a fixed address, you are still entitled to have a voice in the general election. Anyone registering to vote has to provide an address proving which constituency they live in, and a proof of identity. This varies from council to council, but a national insurance number is usually enough.

And the address given doesn't have to be permanent. People who are homeless can give a "care of" address, which can be a friend's house, a halfway house or even a homeless shelter or supported hostel with HARP.

For regular users of The Bradbury Centre in York Road they can also use this as an address. There are two types of forms. One for those living in accommodation, including a HARP hostel, and one for those rough sleeping.

Registration can be completed online however both forms are available from The Bradbury Centre and we are happy to provide assistance if required. We also have freepost envelopes to return the form to Southend Borough Council to add their name to the Register. The Council will write to the person at the address given with more information on the registration to enable them to vote.

The deadline for registration is 22 May.

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