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HARP's Handy Harvest Hints!

Harvest time is here, and at HARP we're hugely grateful for the donations of food made by the local community. The items gifted to us during Harvest tops-up our supplies, and ensures we're able to continue providing hot nutritious meals for some of Southend's most vulnerable people.

We're regularly overwhelmed by the generosity of the donations made to us around Harvest time, so the staff working at The Bradbury Centre (our day centre in York Road) are asking you to help them by taking a moment to read these handy tips if you would like to make a donation of food:

1. Please visit The Bradbury Centre (103-107 York Road Southend) between 3pm and 4pm on any weekday. Outside of this time, staff are focused on helping Southend's homeless and find it difficult to devote their time to receiving and recording your donation. If you visit between 3pm and 4pm, they will have more time available to speak to you and receive your donation in the proper way.

2. Please do not leave donations outside of The Bradbury Centre. We cannot guarantee they will get to us, and this is why we're requesting donations be dropped off between the times given above.

3. It would be extremely helpful if donations are sorted into separate bags. This also frees up the time staff spend sorting donations - which, as we're sure you can imagine - can take a long time during Harvest!

- Tinned - veg/pulses/beans

- Tinned - meat/fish/ready meals

- Tinned - pudding/fruit/custard

- Tinned - soup

- Dried goods – rice/pasta/cereal/anything in soft packaging that can be nibbled through by mice!

It's really important to us that every donation is properly accounted for, so your help really is appreciated. Without you, we simply couldn't continue providing for the homeless people of Southend!

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