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HARP's Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, we are raising money to continue supporting local people affected by homelessness, including by providing Christmas meals, presents, and other festivities. One person who will experience Christmas at HARP is Andrew.

Andrew was a hard-working and successful businessman. His company turned over more than £1m for 17 consecutive years, employing over 200 people. He had multiple business premises, a lavish country estate, a caravan in Southend and a five-bed villa in Portugal.

Riding high, Andrew could not have predicted what would come next. After losing a major business contract, Andrew’s life began to spiral out of control, with a series of devastating blows in a short time.

"First, my mother had a stroke that left her paralysed. Then, my best friend and colleague committed suicide. My health began to deteriorate, and I had to spend a lot of time at the doctors with diabetes, high cholesterol, and liver and heart problems. And then, my wife was diagnosed with cancer."

Every year, HARP support on average around 1,000 local people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home. Can you help us make sure that people like Andrew can be safe and warm this Christmas and throughout the year?


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