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Local actor Alex Hassell visits HARP, Southend’s Homeless Charity

Alex Hassell, star of recent BBC period drama The Miniaturist, visited HARP, Southend’s Homeless Charity, to show his support for those fighting to overcome homelessness.

The local actor, who was born in Leigh-on-Sea, and his wife Emma King, also an actor, have been Patrons of HARP since 2016, and they recently took a break from their busy schedule to visit the charity that has always been close to the family’s heart.

Alex had an amazing 2017, with his first major Hollywood role in Suburbicon (2017), a feature film written by the Coen Brothers and directed by George Clooney, but stardom has not kept him away from supporting the local issues that really matter to him. Alex and his family have always been keen advocates of the charity that supports over 1,000 local people in crisis every year.

Alex said “HARP are doing such an amazing job and making such a difference and we are so impressed. We can see how important it is that they receive as much support as possible”. Emma added “I didn’t realise the scale of the services that HARP provide and just how important it is for those people that most need it.”

With the harsh winter upon us, Alex and Emma arrived at a time of year most difficult for those that are homeless, but morale was boosted by the impromptu visit.

Gill Garwood, HARP Chief Executive, said “we are so grateful to all of our Patrons for the support they give us and we are particularly thankful to Alex and Emma for taking the time to visit our centre this week. I welcomed the opportunity to show them first-hand how vulnerable people can be when gaining a new start in life. Being homeless or at risk of homelessness is emotionally and physically exhausting, but it is always encouraging for those going through crisis to know that their community is behind them.”

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