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Causes of homelessness

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Housing crisis

In December 2023, new research from Shelter reported that 309,000 people in England were homeless. A stark increase of 14% or 38,100 people, in one year. 

With this growing need, it is important for us to know why people become homeless, so that we can meet the needs of each person that comes to us and provide them with the best possible support as they work towards a new life away from the streets. Find out more about who we help.

The causes of homelessness can be very complex, but they can be roughly separated into the two areas below: social causes and personal life events. Other people might have also recently left the army, care or prison and not had a home to go to.

At HARP, we have different services and properties, and work in partnership with local agencies, that support people with the problems they are facing. Click to learn more about what we do.

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Personal Life Events

  • Relationship breakdown 

  • Loss of employment 

  • Financial problems 

  • Fleeing violence 

  • Issues with mental and physical health

  • Drug and alcohol misuse.

Social Causes

  • Limited social housing

  • Rise of the private rented sector

  • Changes to the welfare system

  • Unstable employment

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