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Virtual Challenge

Be a HARP Hero by taking on our free, lockdown friendly, 30-day Virtual Challenge, and help local people overcome homelessness.

Get fit, beat the boredom, and help local people to avoid or escape homelessness.

Contribute to your community from the comfort of your home.

Make an impact that will last longer than lockdown.

Are you missing the challenge that training and fundraising for a charity event gives you? 

Do you want a challenge that will give you a sense of purpose and meaning during your time at home during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Sign up for HARP's Virtual Challenge!

You can choose your challenge, and choose your level, simply pledging to raise £50 (or more) for our work tackling local homelessness.

Whether you want to walk, run, cycle, do a home workout, choose a particular exercise e.g. squats or trampoline bounces, or something else, your efforts will add up to make a huge difference - both to your fitness and to our work with local homeless people and those at risk of homelessness. 

Here's how to get started: 

  1. Sign up on Eventbrite here - it's FREE to join!

  2. Set up your fundraising page on Just Giving or Facebook and share with friends to raise your goal amount of £50 or more

  3. Start as soon as possible so that you can start gaining momentum 

  4. Update friends and family (and us of course) with your progress to keep yourself motivated and encourage further sponsorship

  5. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with making an impact that will last well beyond lockdown.

Got a team working from home, a sports/running club to keep motivated, or a social group to stay connected to? 

The Virtual Challenge is a great way to stay connected to your team, club or social group.


Simply encourage your members to sign up and choose their challenge, then start on the same day, helping each other to stay motivated to stick to their challenge and fundraising targets via email, phone, video call, and you could even set up your Facebook or LinkedIn group. 

Sign up now!



Enter the Virtual Challenge for FREE!

Simply pledge to raise £50 towards HARP's work helping local people to escape or avoid homelessness. 

Set up your online fundraising page and tell your friends and family. 

Start asap - while you're still excited and motivated - to gain momentum.

Complete your challenge and feel great about helping local people to overcome homelessness!

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