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Fundraising A-Z

Looking for a way to show your support for local homeless people? Check out our Fundraising A-Z to find out how you can raise cash to support local people taking steps towards beating homelessness. The best and most secure way to raise money for HARP is by heading to our Just Giving page and clicking the orange 'Fundraise for us' button to set up an account.

A     /     B     /     C     /     D     /     E     /     F     /     G     /     H     /     I     /     J     /     K     /     L     /     M     /     N     /     O    /     P     /     Q     /     R     /      S     /     T     /     U     /     V     /     W     /     X     /     Y     /     Z   




Advertising booklet

Collaborate with local businesses and advertise their services in exchange of money for HARP.

Arts and crafts fair

Host at a local hall or school. Make and sell your own knitwear, paintings or home décor! 

Auction of promises

Auction off anything, from maths tuition to a romantic dinner for two, get everyone involved!

Arm Wrestling competition

Charge people to watch you challenge your friends to an arm wrestle! Who will be the champion?

Annual collection

Leave an empty jar at work or at home and collect spare change for a year!

Afternoon tea

Invite friends over for scones and cream, and gossip whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause!


Get sponsored to face your fears by abseiling from a great height.

Animal show

Charge friends and family to watch a pets fashion show and get creative!

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​Blind date evening

Have all your single friends pay an entry fee and come and mingle!

Bike ride

Set yourself a distance goal and have friends and family sponsor you for achieving it!

Bungee jumping

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you for this daring activity!

Board game evening

Have your friends round, all players bring a game and pay a playing fee!  

Badge making

Make some funky badges and sell them at school or work!

Bad tie day

Get the tie wearers in your office or school to pay a fee to wear a crazy tie and watch people get creative!


Get your grill on and charge friends and family for a burger or a banger.

Bingo night

Host your own evening, charge entry fees and put half the money in the winnings pot and half aside for HARP!


Sing, dance, do magic! The better your talents, the more tips you’ll get from the public.  Please always check for licencing.

Bring and buy sale

Encourage friends and family to bring unwanted goods and set up a huge sale!

Book sale

Sell any unwanted books at your local church or bootsale!

Battle of the bands

Have local bands battle at your local school or community hall. Charge entry and sell refreshments!


Charge your friends to get involved, and sell the final products at a cake sale!

Bag packing

Pack bags for customers at your local supermarket, asking for a donation to HARP.  

Bake sale

Sell your luscious cakes and bakes at your local school or community hall.

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Collect pennies

Set aside all your coppers over a few months and see how much you can accumulate!

Curry night

Invite your friends and family round for a curry, or find a local restaurant that offers charity nights!

Cycle for 24 hours

Get sponsored to go to your local 24 hour gym and relay with your friends on a static bicycle.

Car boot sale

Sell your unwanted goods! One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure…

​Car wash

Set up a car wash with your friends and charge people to let you make their cars sparkle.

Christmas card sale

Get creative and make some Christmas cards to sell to friends and family.

Christmas carol singing

Belt out the festive tunes and spread the Christmas cheer.

Christmas jumper day

Get festive and charge everyone at your office or school a fiver to wear their most fetching Christmas Jumper!

Customised t-shirts

Add your own flare to old t-shirts and sell to your friends and family.

Charity concert

Get a local band in to perform at your school or community hall, charge for entry and refreshments.

​Coffee morning

Bring your friends round for a natter and a cuppa and raise money for a good cause whilst you go

Comedy night

Have friends compete to see who can do the best stand up gig. Charge for entry and refreshments.

Colour theme days

Get people in the office or school to pay a fee to dress up in your chosen colour for the day.  


Be your own boyband. Make and sell your own office calendar!

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Jewellery making evening

Have your friends over, spend the evening getting creative, participants pay a fee.

Jam making / selling

Spend the day making jam, then sell it to your friends and family.

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Set up a kissing stall at a local fair and charge patrons per peck.

​Karaoke night

Have you friends over, belt out the tunes, have fun! Participants pay a fee.

Knitting competition

Compete to see who can knit the most knitwear, then sell your final products to friends and family!

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Litter picking

Get sponsored to pick up litter, raise money for local homeless people and keep the area clean!

Ladies night

Get the girlies round for a night of food and pampering! All participants pay a fee.

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​Marshmallow eating

See who can eat the most marshmallows! Participants pay a fee.

​Magic show

Get your friends over and host a night of magic. Participants pay a fee.

​Mow lawns

Charge your friends and neighbours to mow their lawns!

Murder mystery night

Create real life Cluedo and get your friends round to play. Participants pay a fee.

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Nominate a friend

Nominate a friend to do a fundraiser from this list! Tag them on social media.

No make-up selfie

Get sponsored to post a no make-up selfie.

​Non-uniform day

Charge all pupils or colleagues at your school, college or work a £1 to wear what they want for the day!

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Obstacle course event

Get your friends and family to compete in an obstacle course to see who will win! Participants pay an entry fee.  

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Plant sale

Sell plants to your friends and family.

Pamper evening

Friends in the beauty industry? Why not organise a pamper evening with donations coming to HARP!

Poker night

Have your friends over, play some poker. All participants pay a fee.

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Quiz Night

Have your friends round for a quiz night and, see who’s the know-it-all. Participants pay an entry fee.

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Have a raffle at school or work!

Running Challenge

Set yourself a distance goal, or register for a local race, and get sponsored to run it for HARP!

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Share your skills

Have a specialist subject? Why not share your skills for a fee and donate the money to HARP?

Silent Disco

Get your friends together and host a silent disco with the proceeds from entry fees and sales of refreshments going to HARP. 

​Swear box

If you and your colleagues have a bit of a potty mouth, then get out a jar and pay a fine every time you swear!


Set yourself a target number of lengths and get sponsored to reach that goal!

Stage a pantomime

Put on a pantomime at your local community centre and charge people to watch it.  

Shed some pounds

Get sponsored to lose some weight and reach your goal size!

Shave your head

Get sponsored to say farewell to your hair!

Share a ride

Share a ride with a colleague to work and donate the money saved on petrol.

Sponsored silence

Get sponsored to not speak for a set period of time. It’s harder than it looks!

Sleep Out!

Get sponsored and join us on The Really Big South Essex Sleep Out in October. Click here for more information.


Get sponsored to be a daredevil and jump from a plane!

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Dance off

Host at your school or community centre and watch your friends make some shapes. Charge for entry.  

Dog Walking

Charge neighbours and friends for walking their dogs.

Dance lessons

Bring in a pro, or do it yourself for a laugh! Charge your friends and family for the privilege.

Darts match

Charge friends to play and compete to become the champion!

Denounce a vice

Have friends sponsor you to give up something you know you shouldn’t do.

Dog wash

Charge neighbours and friends to let you make their dogs lovely and clean.

Dress down day

Have people in the office or school pay a fee to dress casually for the day.

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Sell your unwanted goods on eBay and donate the proceeds to HARP.

Eco fines

Set up a fining system in your home or office for when people do ecologically unfriendly deeds like not recycle.

Eating competition

Compete with friends to see who can eat the most in the set amount of time. Competitors pay a fee.


Create and display art in your local community centre and charge patrons to come and view it.

Eurovision party

Invite your friends, dress as the flags, eat the national cuisine, charge attendees a fee.

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University Challenge

Recreate University Challenge and get your friends involved to see who’s the boffin. Charge for participation and entry.  

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Tuck shop

Have a tuck shop at your school or office and sell yummy refreshments.

Treasure hunt

 Organise a treasure hunt with your friends and family and charge for participation and refreshments.

Taster evening

Have some friends over to taste food and drink of your choice.  Participants pay a fee.

Talent show

Get your friends together and show off their talents. Charge for entry and refreshments.  

Tech recycling

Recycle your old phones and computers in exchange for money.  

Televised matches

Have your friends over to watch a televised sports match and charge for entry and refreshments.


Host a tombola at a local fair or fete.  

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Family night

Invite your friends round to watch a film, everyone brings food and pays an entry fee.

Face painting

Charge a fee to paint people’s faces. Both adults and kids encouraged to get involved.

​Fancy dress day

Have everyone at the office or school pay a fee to dress up in fancy dress for the day!

Fashion show

Put on a fashion show and charge attendees an entrance fee.

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Guess the...

...sweets in the jar, weight of yourself or name of the bear (you choose!). Charge people a fee to make a guess.

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Video making

Get sponsored to make a video diary on a subject of your choice.

Valentine’s day event

Host an event with a Valentine’s Day theme and invite your friends and family. Charge for entry and refreshments.

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Window cleaning

Charge your friends and neighbours to get their windows cleaned.

Win a day off

Have your colleagues pay a fee to put their name in a prize draw to win a day off!


Get your friends and family involved and set a distance challenge and get sponsored to complete it!

Walk to school

Get sponsored to walk to school for a month.

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Find a friend who can do Henna and ask for a donation to have Henna done.

Hula hoop contest

Compete with your friends and family to see who the best hula hooper is! Participants pay a fee.

Hair beading, braiding and plaiting

Charge friends and family to let you make their hair look beautiful!

Hug a pug

Bring your dog to work and ask colleagues for donations to play with and hug your canine friend.

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X-Box night

Invite your friends over for a night in on the X-Box or other games console, participants pay a fee.

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Yoga marathon

Set yourself a time goal as to how long to do yoga for and get sponsored to achieve it!

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Get sponsored to get your Zumba on for the day!

Zombie Night

Host a Zombie night at your school or college and watch people run for their lives! Participants pay an entry fee.

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Indoor games

Have an indoor sports day, get adults and kids to get involved! Participants pay a fee.

International evening

Have your friends choose a country each and then dress and cook accordingly. Participants pay a fee.

Ice bath

Get sponsored by your friends and family to have an ice bath! We dare you.

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Click here for legal advice on how to fundraise responsibly, or contact our fundraising team for more information, and we would like to remind you to always ask permission of any parties and premises involved in your efforts before doing anything publicly.

To set up a sponsorship page for an activity in aid of HARP head to our Just Giving page.

We, as a charity, really appreciate any fundraising and sponsorship done in aid of HARP, your efforts are helping people that are homeless in the local community to improve their situations and gain access to a better life.

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