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Harvest Appeal Gallery 2022

We would like to say thank you to absolutely everyone that collected food for us this Harvest. No matter how big or small your donation, it all counts.

This year included 32 churches, 25 schools, 5 preschools and 4 scout groups! There were also 42 talks delivered by our team to various schools!

As ever you were all fantastic!

These donations helped to keep our food stocks high for the last 12 months.

Enabling us to provide nutritious, nourishing meals for our residents and guests as they take steps towards overcoming homelessness for good.

“Seeing the generosity of the local community during Harvest really is overwhelming! Nutrition is so important for people who are taking steps to overcome homelessness, and being able to offer these meals is often the first step on that journey towards recovery. We really appreciate all the support from the community and every single donation that is made to us here at HARP!”

Andrew Turner

Catering Services Coordinator

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