Young people

Young people are now the most likely group of people to be living in poverty. In fact, 22% of the people we helped in 2017/18 were age 25 and under. That’s why we have properties and staff dedicated to helping young people build up their confidence, improve their education and prepare for lifestyles and careers that put their skill sets and knowledge to best use.

At HARP, we offer young people access to:

  • Budgeting courses

  • Academic courses

  • Vocational courses

  • Employment training

  • Confidence boosting activities

  • Art and music projects

  • Sports training

  • Benefits advice

  • Counselling sessions

  • Group support



HARP Floating Support Housing

“We aim to help young people by supporting them with any problems they might be experiencing, whilst also giving them the opportunity to learn about budgeting, encouraging them to learn new skills and helping them to take steps crucial towards starting successful careers so that they can move away from homelessness for good.”

After falling out with his mum and staying at a bed & breakfast, Robert found himself on the streets - until he found HARP. Through the help of his keyworker and support sessions, Robert has been taking steps to a new life away from the streets.

More stories available soon...


Visit our stories pages to learn more about the people we have helped take steps towards overcoming homelessness for good.


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