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Severe Weather Emergency Protocol Instigated in Southend

With cold weather forecast for this weekend, the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) will be instigated in Southend-on-Sea from Sunday 7th February.

SWEP is an emergency measure to provide a humanitarian response under extreme weather conditions to prevent serious illness and death.

It is triggered when the Met Office forecasts a minimum of three nights at zero degrees Celsius or below. Local conditions such as wind chill, snow and rainfall will also be factored in.

During SWEP, all people who are sleeping on the streets, who under normal circumstances may not ordinarily be considered statutory homeless, including those who would normally have no recourse to public funds, should be provided with emergency accommodation away from the streets.

How can I play my part in helping to get people off the streets?

If you are a member of the public - If you have concerns about someone sleeping rough please complete a StreetLink alert at which will be responded to by the local Outreach Services (including HARP) at the earliest opportunity. Your StreetLink alert could be live-saving.

If you are homeless - Please contact Southend Council Housing Solutions Team on 01702 21500. This line is available out of hours to deal with emergencies.

If you have a general enquiry - HARP's Bradbury Day Centre staff are contactable by telephone or online on our website ( up to 4.30pm weekdays. During Evening and Weekends staff will also be available for advice and guidance on 01702 430696 up until 8.00pm.


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