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Join Our Campaign To End Street Homelessness

We are inviting local people in Southend to join our new campaign calling on local MPs to use their influence in Parliament to end street homelessness.

Our new “It’s Time” campaign aims to rally people in the Southend area to help make the most of the good work done to get people off the streets during lockdown.

Jackie Bliss, our Chief Executive, said:

“Amazing work has been done in Southend, in particular by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council with support from HARP and other local agencies, to get local people off the streets during lockdown and into B&Bs, with many already having moved into longer term accommodation. However, the emergency funding provided by the Government will not last forever and we need a long-term commitment by the Government to continue investing in keeping people off the streets beyond this pandemic.”

We are inviting people in the constituencies of Southend West and Rochford and Southend East to sign a letter to Sir David Amess MP and Mr James Duddridge MP, asking the MPs to use their influence at a national level to make a real, lasting impact on homelessness.

Jackie continued:

“A return to pre-Covid levels of homelessness is unthinkable. So we need to come together as a community to do whatever we can to make sure that doesn’t happen. We know that our local MPs are sympathetic to the struggles of homelessness in the area but this needs to be turned into real action. The more names that we have on this letter, the more likely they will be to use their influence as our representatives in Parliament.”

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