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Limited Edition HARP24 2020 T-shirt: SOLD OUT


This year's HARP24 may be postponed but 100 lucky supporters purchased our limited edition HARP24 T-shirt! We know how much our runners love their HARP24 T-shirt with many missing the chance to add to their collection. And we love seeing you wearing them with pride as you walk, run and jog around town. So we partnered with Ipeco to get 100 Limited Edition T-shirts made.

As well as being able to feel a little bit smug about wearing a limited edition, if you got your t-shirt, you can enjoy that warm feeling of satisfaction of knowing that your T-shirt will be helping people in Southend to escape homelessness - or even avoid it in the first place. We won't be printing any extra and when the HARP24 event returns in 2021, we'll have a different design, like we do every year. So we were delighted to sell out so fast!

If you placed an order, your T-shirt will be dispatched within 2-4 weeks of your purchase. And an extra special thank you to everyone who made an additional donation towards our work supporting local homeless people. It all adds up to help us to enable more people to escape or avoid a life on the streets.

In memory of Noel Kelleway

Noel Kelleway Dedication

This limited edition T-shirt also includes a dedication in memory of Noel Kelleway, one of the original founders of HARP24 who passed away earlier this year. He was a huge advocate for HARP and other local charities, as well as a dear friend and inspiration to the HARP team and many of our runners. We can't wait to see people wearing this year's limited edition HARP24 T-shirt around town in solidarity with the homeless people of Southend.

Don't forget to send us your photos or tag us on social media when your T-shirt arrives!

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