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Coronavirus Update: Changes to Services for Rough Sleepers & Local Homeless People

The government has launched an initiative to make sure all rough sleepers are accommodated to enable social distancing and, where required, self-isolation. Here are the latest updates related to HARP and wider services for homeless people in Southend:

All rough sleepers to be accommodated in local B&Bs

Over the last few weeks, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has been working with partner agencies to accommodate all rough sleepers. HARP is working with the Council to ensure that everyone is placed in a B&B, so no one should be sleeping rough tonight.

HARP’s Day Centre Service

To keep gatherings to a minimum and to practice good social distancing, our rough sleeper breakfast service and local soup kitchens have been asked to close. However, HARP is providing breakfast packs for all people placed in B&B, and other partner agencies are providing lunch and dinner.

Advice and guidance for those at risk of homelessness will still be available at the Bradbury Day Centre via telephone on 01702 430696

Food Donations

Food donations are still welcome at the Bradbury Day Centre, 103-107 York Road, Southend SS1 2DL.

If you wish to donate food, please adhere to social distancing by knocking and leaving donations outside for staff to collect.

If someone is newly homeless or at risk of losing their home…

Anyone who is newly homeless or at risk of becoming so should contact Southend-on-Sea Borough Council urgently on 01702 215000 and ask for the housing solutions team. The council can then work with them to get them the support and shelter they need at this time.

If you see someone sleeping rough

If you see someone sleeping rough, please alert Street Link via their website:

Street Link will then alert the relevant local outreach teams, including HARP and other local agencies, to help that person get into safe accommodation as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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