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No Fixed Address? You Could Still Vote!

There is a common misconception that someone who is homeless or has no permanent address cannot vote, but that's not true!

If you are homeless, sofa surfing, or between permanent homes, we want to encourage you to vote in the upcoming election on 12th December, because your voice matters!

Even if you don't have a fixed address, you are still entitled to have a voice in the general election. Anyone registering to vote has to provide an address proving which constituency they live in, and a proof of identity. This varies from council to council, but a national insurance number is usually enough and the address given doesn't have to be permanent.

People who are homeless can give a "care of" address, which can be a friend's house, temporary accommodation or even a homeless service provider like HARP.

Regular users of The Bradbury Day Centre in York Road can also use this as an address where you spend time each week. Just ask a staff member next time you come in.

"The voices of homeless people are just as important as anyone else’s and it’s important they know that," says Damon Starky, Training and Meaningful Activities Co-ordinator here at HARP.

"The outcome of the upcoming election will have a greater impact on those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness than others in our communities because they have less resources to 'cushion' them from the decisions made at a government level. Voting is a way for homeless people to be truly, actively involved in decision making within our society and have a real influence on the issues that impact their chance of a better future."

The HARP team are here to help anyone who doesn't have a permanent address but would like to register to vote:

HARP Residents

Residents of HARP can register to vote on the government website at: quoting their current HARP residence as their address. The deadline for registration in time for the upcoming election is Midnight on 26th November 2019.

Bradbury Day Centre Service Users

For those with no fixed or permanent address, please come into the Bradbury Day Centre at 103-107 York Road in Southend, and ask one of the HARP team for a paper registration form no later than Friday 22nd November 2019. We will then post your form to Southend Borough Council in time for it to arrive by the deadline.

The deadline is fast approaching, so if you want your voice to be heard, register now!

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