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Pupils collect summer items to keep rough sleepers cool and safe in the heat

It is usually the winter months where people’s thoughts turn to rough sleepers as they battle to stay warm in the life threatening chill, but pupils at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School have been collecting essential summer items for HARP during the warmer weather.

There is a very real and dangerous threat of sun stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration to people sleeping rough, which is why pupils at the school on Manchester Drive decided to collect items to help minimalise the risk.

Pupils and their families have been bringing in summer items such as flip flops, sun cream, water, and juice, which has been donated to HARP in Southend to distribute amongst those most at risk, these items will keep rough sleepers safe and hydrated during the summer months.

Lisa Walton, Community Fundraiser at HARP said “homelessness is a problem all year round, but it is often the cold weather that prompts people to donate. To organise a summer collection is such a thoughtful thing to do. People often associate flip-flops and sun cream with holidays, but for people enduring this summer heat all day, every day, they can be essential life-saving items.”

She continued “Rough sleepers can come to our Bradbury Centre on York Road in the morning Monday to Friday for breakfast, a shower, and most importantly some shelter from the heat. They can also get free cooler items of clothing, sun cream, and drinks to keep them hydrated. We cannot thank those at Our Lady of Lourdes enough for their ongoing support”.

If you have concerns for a rough sleeper contact StreetLink and let them know that help is available at HARP. For more information about how you can help local homeless people click here.

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