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HARP welcome youngest supporters yet!

This year's Harvest Appeal is now in full swing and we are thrilled to have received donations from even the littlest of supporters!

Ducklings Pre-school on Rayleigh Road in Leigh-on-Sea, and the Trinket Box Pre-School on Greenways, in Southend, are the first pre-schools to donate to HARP this Harvest. Both centres work with children aged 2-5 years and believe that it is important for them to be pro-active within the community.

Annabel Topley, Manager at the Trinket Box Pre-School, said: “We like to help different charities as we are a charity ourselves. We try and reach out to the community and help where we can.”

Both pre-schools have been talking to the children about homelessness and how they can help, and the children have been bringing in donations over the past few weeks.

Our Community Fundraiser, Lisa Walton, said: “We are always thrilled to hear from schools, colleges and community groups who collect for us but the addition of pre-schools this year has been really heart-warming. Homelessness may be complex, but learning to be kind to one another and work together to create a better community can be taught from any age, as our youngest supporters have shown. It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful children and we would like to extend our thanks to their families and the staff at the pre-schools for supporting HARP.”

We provide over 60,000 meals a year across their services and rely heavily on the donations they receive at Harvest time. Find out more about how you can get involved in this year's Harvest Appeal.

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