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Local letting agent supporting HARP this #WorldHomelessDay

Today is World Homeless Day and local, independent estate agents, Angel Homes and Lettings, live up to their saintly name as they vow to make a donation to HARP, Southend’s Homeless Charity, for every sale or let they make from now on.

World Homeless Day - which takes place on 10th October every year in several dozen countries across the globe - aims to raise awareness of homelessness and provide an opportunity for the community to get involved in responding to local homelessness issues. Angel Homes and Lettings are proud to lead the way in South Essex this year!

Larry Solomons, Guardian Angel at the estate agents on London Road, Leigh, says: “selling a house is a big deal and we have always gone the extra mile to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, but now we want to help those less fortunate to find a home too, which is why we will make a donation to HARP for every sale and let that we undertake.”

HARP currently provide housing for over 170 people that might otherwise be on the streets and are working hard to end rough sleeping in Southend for good. The charity was founded on 18th October 2002 and will be 15 years old this month.

Our Chief Executive, Gill Garwood, said: “we are so pleased that Angel Homes and Lettings chose to support HARP. While thousands of people move into new homes every day, some are not so lucky. Around half of the people we support actually have a house but are at risk of losing their home. With support and guidance from our trained staff, they can avoid homelessness and overcome their issues before hitting crisis point. We hope to eventually be able to keep people off of the streets for good, and this is why ongoing support from the community is so important. We cannot thank Angel Homes and Letting enough for getting behind us and we look forward to putting their kind donations to good use.”

Can your company get involved in the fight to End Rough Sleeping? Find out how to get involved on our fundraising at work page.

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