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Olympus Charity of the Year!

Olympus Keymed have nominated HARP as their Charity of the Year!

Olympus Keymed’s fundraising committee has raised a hugely impressive £229k for local charities since being established in 2013. This year, employees based in Southend will be dedicating time and resources to raising money for local people overcoming homelessness!

The fundraising committee consists of 16 employees from across all areas of the organisation and is headed by Leanne Neville. Leanne told us: “People within the fundraising committee come from all over the business. Our meetings are fun and innovative and we are pleased to be able to make such a difference with the fundraising that we do. Supporting the community is one of core our values here at Olympus and the management are incredibly supportive.”

Olympus’ fundraising activities are already well underway with staff having set up a charity meal, a pamper evening and a car wash service, as well as fundraising at the Village Green festival. Future plans include more evening meals, live music nights, a football tournament and even a Grand Canyon trek!

Our Individual Fundraising Manager, Dina Jobson, said “We are so grateful to Olympus for choosing to support HARP. We can’t wait to hear about the fantastic fundraising projects that the team are already hard at work organising, and we wish them every success with their efforts. Community support such as this makes such a difference to us and will enable HARP to reach out to more in need throughout the year.”

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