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Nando's donate to homeless people in Southend

Nando's have been donating chicken to our Bradbury Day Centre for nearly two years now! We were very happy to recently have a visit from their staff so that they could see first-hand just how important their donations are.

When our creative kitchen volunteers blend the chicken kindly donated by Nando’s with other food donations, they create tasty nutritional meals for up to 50 people, and with the donations arriving fortnightly that’s a lot of meals!

We invited Eduardo Novo and Yumnah Fisher from the Southend restaurant down to the Bradbury Day Centre to sample Nando’s Chicken Curry - a favourite amongst our services users. They were pleasantly surprised to learn just how important their support is to us, they helped us to provide over 60,000 meals to local homeless people in 2016.

Being well nourished is so important especially for rough sleepers, but HARP offer so much more than just a meal. When local homeless people come to the Bradbury Day Centre, they also have access to a wide range of support to help them overcome homelessness permanently. Without this support, rough sleepers often find it hard to move away from the streets.

Lisa Walton, Fundraising Officer at HARP said “the donation that we receive from Nando’s every fortnight is so important to us because it helps us to provide a hot, nutritious meal for those most in need”.

“Homelessness is physically and mentally exhausting and what really helps is having someone with you to guide the way and this wouldn’t be possible without all the donations we receive that ensure we have the funds to continue our work”.

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