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We couldn't do it alone!

There are so many people we need to thank this month for their generosity - here are a selection.

  • St. Bernard's High School, Westcliff: your generous donation of non-perishable food-stuffs will go a long way towards enabling us to provide for some of Southend's most vulnerable people.

  • Alll the runners who took part in HARP 24 over the weekend of 25th/26th June: your stamina is inspiring!

  • Ashleigh and the team from Royal Bank of Scotland who volunteered to put together all 334 goody bags for the HARP 24 runners: slick teamwork indeed!

  • Southend High School for Girls: for choosing HARP as one of five local charities supported during the academic year - your generous donation is very much appreciated!

  • Holly Clark (and her mum!) for your wonderful donation of £302 raised by taking part in the Southend Colourthon.

  • Harrison Butchers, Leigh-on-Sea: the donation of barbecue food was hugely enjoyed, post-race, by many of the runners and supporters of HARP 24.

  • Birdwood Bakery, Leigh-on-Sea: the cakes donated for HARP 24 were very much appreciated by all who indulged!

  • The incredible HARP volunteers who baked (and sold!) cakes and other sweet treats at HARP 24, with all the proceeds going straight to helping the homeless. We're so proud of all who came to help out at the event.

  • Tangerine Toy Shop, Leigh-on-Sea: the toys donated for our fundraising events have proved extremely popular, and we're very lucky to benefit from your generosity.

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