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Statement from HARP

Our recent initiative to ask for a nominal contribution towards meals was introduced because we found we were inundated with people who were not homeless, but simply visiting the Centre for free meals. This prevented us carrying out essential work for those who really needed our help. The initiative is currently under review.

We wish to reassure the public that those in dire need will not knowingly be turned away and any contributions towards meals are used to top up our food supplies.

Recent comments on social media and in the press mentioning that we turned a rough sleeper away from our services the day before he died are completely untrue. A request has been made to have all untrue statements removed.

HARP remains totally committed to ending rough sleeping in Southend within the next few years. Since our inception more than 13 years ago we have a record to be proud of in restoring the dignity of thousands of homeless people by providing shelter, food, advice, short and long term support and good quality accommodation.

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