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Key facts


​We provide support to any adult that is without a permanent home or at risk of losing their home through a wide range of services and partnerships, which focus on their own individual needs. Below are some key facts and information on how we have helped people in Southend in the year ending February 2023. Click through the gallery to find out more.

In 2022/23...


We helped 1,050 people

People we helped last year included HARP residents and people who visited our day centre, who might have been sleeping rough, staying on a friend's floor, sleeping in a squat or felt that they are at risk of becoming homeless.


Our Bradbury Day Centre gives an opportunity for people to talk about their situation and how we can help. Local people who are homeless can use the facilities at our Bradbury Day Centre, which include a cooked breakfast, lunch, showers and washing machines, all the while our compassionate team members are on hand for professional advice and support.

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17% were young people

We have thirty units of accommodation that provide shelter and support to people under the age of 25. We aim to help young people overcome challenges that might be related to their homelessness and we support them as they look for employment and a place of their own.

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26% were female

In 2017, we opened our women’s hostel White Heather House, which provides shelter and a safe space for women to recover from their time on the streets as they take steps towards a new life away from homelessness. This facility enables us to work with more women who may not feel comfortable in mixed gender housing. 

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60% reported having experienced mental health issues

At HARP, we encourage local homeless people to register with a GP and we also work with a number of local agencies (some are listed in our get help online page) to help them get the support and help that they need to overcome any issues, including poor mental health.

We also encourage our residents and service users to take part in meaningful activities, which gives people purpose and helps them to stay active, leading to improved self-esteem and confidence.

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62% had experienced issues with drugs and alcohol

Some homeless people, though not all, do have issues with drugs and alcohol. We work hard with local homeless people to give them the best possible chance of overcoming these issues.

We work with our partner agencies in Southend, who specialise in areas like mental health and addiction, to help people with drug and/or alcohol dependency. 


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