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Give a regular gift

Giving a regular gift to HARP is easy and powerful. Knowing that we have secure, regular funding gives us confidence, and our service users hope. If you care about local people who are homeless, giving a small amount on a regular basis will give you the peace of mind to know that you are doing your bit to help. To give now, simply fill out our online form.

By giving a small amount like £5 a month, you will know that your support is helping to fund a room in our emergency accommodation for one night each month. That's 12 nights per year, every year. Having your regular support gives us confidence as a charity, and gives the people that use our services hope.  

By giving £10 a month, not only will you be helping us to fund a night per month in our emergency accommodation, you'll also be helping us provide the professional support that we know keeps people away from a life on the streets for good.  

On top of helping to provide a room for a night and professional support to make a lasting change, making a gift of £15 per month would also help us to provide confidence boosting activities to improve employability and give people the structure they need to beat homelessness permanently. 

How your support can help
Homeless people eat food at Day Centre
Bedroom at HARP Southend homeless charity Bradbur Day Centre
HARP resident planting flowers in pot

How we spend your money

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In 2018/19, 94p of every pound we spent went on our frontline charitable activities. Most national charities only manage about 80p of each pound.
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