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Give a one off gift

Giving a one off gift is a great way to show your support for local homeless people. Being homeless can often be isolating, lonely and scary. Just knowing that there are people out there who care can be enough to help someone get through the day. To give now, simply fill out our online form.

A £10 donation helps to cover the cost of a two night stay at a hostel.

Giving £20 will help to give somebody the chance to talk through their problems with a professional support worker.

Donating £45 helps to provide a home starter pack to help a local homeless person get back on their feet.

How your support can help
Homeless person has haircut at HARP's Bradbury Day Centre
HARP staff uses interactive whiteboard for training
HARP resident with wheelbarrow at allotment

How we spend your money


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In 2018/19, 94p of every pound we spent went on our frontline charitable activities. Most national charities only manage about 80p of each pound.
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