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HARP Hero Fundraising Pack

Whether you're taking part in a marathon, or holding a bake sale or dress down day at your workplace, grab a copy of the HARP Hero Fundraising pack to make the most of your fundraising journey.

Available as a digital download or a physical pack, sign up for your copy today and get raising money for local people experiencing homelessness

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Get all this in your Fundraising pack...

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Step by Step_Page_1_Page_1.png
Step by Step_Page_2.png
Fundraising A - Z - Page 1
Fundraising A-Z - Page 2
Fundraising pack sponsorship form._Page_1.png
Fundraising pack sponsorship form._Page_2.png
Stories - Jess sample..png
Stories - Jack & Joinah_Page_1.png
Stories - Jack & Joinah_Page_2_Page_2.png
Stories - Ray & Vicky_Page_1.png
Stories - Ray & Vicky_Page_2.png
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