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Home-based Easter Activities

As families head into a very home-based Easter Holiday, here are some ideas for some activities to keep the family busy while home-schooling is on pause. Whether you choose to do one activity every day or just select a few to sprinkle through your holidays. 


Send us your photos

Email with your photos and we'll add them to our "Virtual Fridge" online gallery, which will be added to this page as pictures begin coming in. Be one of the first to be displayed! 

Drop a donation in our virtual collection bucket

As you enjoy your time in your home, we hope you'll take a moment to consider those who don't have a home to call their own. HARP is still supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness through these difficult times and beyond, so we'd be grateful if you could give what you can to help us continue this work. 


Text HARP to 70085 to donate £3* 

*Texts costs £3 plus your standard rate message



Click here to donate online

Nine Ideas for Easter Holiday Activities


  1. Host a Pancake Party – Yes, we know pancake day was ages ago, but these are unusual times, and you deserve a pancake! You could even include a pancake "flipathon" (can you do 100 flips in a row?) or have a pancake race in the garden.

  2. Have an Easter Egg Hunt – Fun for children and adults alike, hide eggs around your home or garden and give a prize to the person who collects the most eggs (or just let them eat them all). 

  3. Have a family quiz night and get the brain cells working again. You can download family friendy quizzes here.

  4. Make your own giant Easter eggs using the ancient art of paper mache. You'll need some old newspapers, PVA glue, a paintrbrush, a balloon, and some paint. Here's a video.

  5. Decorate real eggs. We found this video on how to hollow out eggs so they don't get smelly!

  6. Make your own bunny ears. Find out how here

  7. Have an Easter fashion show in your living room - how many colours can you wear at once?

  8. Have a Sponsored Silence (OK this one is more for the parents' benefit than the kids)

  9. Draw/paint the Easter Bunny and remember to send us pictures of your creations at

More fundraising ideas for Easter and beyond

If you want to do something more to help local homeless people this Easter, here are some ideas for you: 

Create a Make a Change Jar – Choose a special jar or container of your choice and put the money you're saving on the daily coffee you'd normally buy on the way to work in there. At the end of the lockdown period, simply donate the contents of your jar to HARP. You’d be surprised how your loose change can add up to make a real change. If you’re feeling creative you can even decorate your jar and share a photo on social media – be sure to tag HARP. 

Donate your Daily Commute – Could you donate all or some of the money you're saving on your daily commute? Whatever you can afford, you can donate online here.

Set Up an Easter Facebook Fundraiser – It’s easy to set up a Facebook Fundraiser and all the money raised will come to HARP. Just set it up to be active over the Lent period and share it with your Facebook friends.  


Use Amazon Smile for your online shopping and Amazon will make a donation for every purchase you make. Find out more.

Set up a Regular Donation for HARP – By giving a regular gift to HARP you help us to ensure that our work helping local people to escape or avoid homelessness continues throughout the year, enabling us to better plan our spending on frontline services for those who need us most. Set up your gift here

However big or small your Easter activity is, your support makes a big difference to our work, helping us to ensure that the people of Southend can get off the streets – and stay off them. Thank you for your support!

Did you know...?

Although the Lent period is a officially 40 days, it actually starts 46 days before the Saturday of the Easter weekend. However, Sundays are not included as these are counted as celebration days.

Thank you for your support!

Remember to drop a donation in our virtual collection bucket

Text HARP to 70085 to donate £3* 

*Texts costs £3 plus your standard rate message



Click here to donate online.

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